Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Monroe was born on March 23.  He wasn't alive.   We had such plans for him.  He had plans for us.  We wanted a little baby to love and hold and cuddle and rock, teach ABC's and rejoice when he walked.  He came with a different plan.  I cried for days when my plan didn't work out.  I cried for me. I cried for his mommy.  I cried for his daddy.  I cried because we wouldn't know him.  And then, I realized we did know him and he knew us.  He was the spiritual connection between us all.  He made us wake up and say, "oh, my, I so Love you!"  Monroe had a peaceful and highly respected visit to earth and his little life has made all the difference in everything.  He helped us recognize Love.  He helped us open our hearts and communicate.  He helped us know the value of life and the value of each minute and decision. 

Monroe was a little bitty boy who came through the womb of my womb and into my heart.  Nothing will be the same.  It will look the same and sound the same, but it will not be.  Monroe was here.  He was.  He was loved.