Monday, October 11, 2010

If Houses Could Talk

We've lived in this house for 20 years.  I've never lived anywhere for twenty years.  This house has served us well.  Sometimes I wonder about it's life before us.  Once an old gentleman drove up to the house, stopped and starred.  Jed invited him in and lo and behold he lived here as a child.  He spoke of the "fruit room" and the attic.  His childhood memories. 

Lately the house has had to work hard.  It got painted and nearly a million things have been moved in or out.  But the house seems to be saying, "thank you for letting me live another life, I had almost died, but now I can breathe new air and see new sights."

We took another step toward living well in spite of every reason not to.  Our care giver, Ubaldo, moved in.  He has made the upstairs his home and "the house" is saying, "wow!" Wow the the amount of stuff that can come down and go up, wow, to the new look and new life that an old house can take, (it's like Easter on a dark, dark night), and wow to the energy and joy that is back.  Houses like that, I'm sure.

In the process of the move, the past 20 years have been spread before us, Nate and Angie, the grandchildren's featherbed, their little crafts and toys, the many people who have called this house "home" for a while.  It's been a ride.  Not sad.  Joyful.  History.  Thanksgiving.  Every little notch in the wall or found child's writing has been a ride.  I have a sign in the house that says, "It takes a long time to grow an old friend."  This house has become an old friend.  And, within it's walls, we have had remarkable experiences with dear and old friends; like the art party with my buddies, and the noodle making, and the laughter with the neighbors, and the tears and even anger with family growing and becoming.  Scotch parties and chocolate rivers.

Recently I said to Jed, "We got a shitty deal."  He told me to never even think that way.  He, with no arms and legs, he who needs help with every bodily function, said, "This is what we have.  We will make the best of it and we will not call it a shitty deal." What can I say?  He's right.  Our deal is our deal.  We can choose to make it and call it what we will.  Right now we are making it a quite remarkable transition from one life to another and I know that the house is happy. 

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