Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My niece recently posted on Facebook that her life was," littered with miracles."  I've thought a lot about the juxtaposition  of the two words:  litter and miracles.

Let's look at litter.  It's a bad thing.  I mean, there is even a fine if you're caught doing it.  Litter.  It's just bad.  Spewing our world with stuff that is not to be there. Stuff that only the low life would offer the world.  Only the irresponsible.    Litter.  Yuk.  Bad.  Litter.

But it's everywhere.  Litter.  It's everywhere.  You don't have to even turn your head and you see it. Stuff that  has been left.  Left for someone else to look at and deal with.  A dropped cigarette, a left soda can, a bag of half eaten fries.  I pick or sweep them up daily from the front of the shop.  Litter.  It's awful .  Somebody else's  through away.  Something somebody didn't want, and tossed out without thought or concern.

So, being littered with miracles gives reason for thought.  Who's junk am I getting?  

Like my niece, my life has also been littered with miracles.   The other element of litter, it that it's everywhere.  Everywhere! Eyes open everywhere!  Tossed out by the unknowing and left there for me.  Litter.

Miracles.  Those things that happen for no reason in particular, that just make things better.  And, for me, they are everywhere.

Today, for example.  Today was Tuesday.  Jed and my outing day.  I just wasn't into it.  It seemed like a task.  Going to the beach seemed so far away and so much traffic and, and, and....."Are you okay?"  "Yeah, I'm fine."  That kind of day.

So we get to the pier.  Jed is bumping his way down to the end of the pier to watch the sunset, and three young men say, "can we interview you?"  We could have said, "no."  We could have treated it like litter that is everywhere, but we didn't and it wasn't.

These lovely people were trying to get to the heart of real folk.  They were people of God who wanted to touch real folks and breathe in a bit of life.  They asked Jed if he had ever suffered.  Suffered?  I mean really!  Suffered?  Here is a man who has spent three and more years of his life totally dependent upon others, totally unable to do anything for himself and here are three young men asking him if he had ever suffered.  And, do you know what he told them?  He told them, "no."  "God put us here to be and do the best we can.  What good would it do to suffer?/"

That's the kind of miracles that clutter my life.  Even when I'm not in the mood.  Even when it seems like a burden. Even when I'm tired and don't want to be a believer, or a positive person.  Along comes  someone with a microphone, or a hammer who is there to see you real.  Someone who looks at you  and you can hear them say.  "Wow!"

The miracles that litter my life come in the form of people.  God puts them there.  They're mind adjustment folk provided by the Master of the universe.  They've been long life friends, customers, random folks on the pier, people on the freeway, .....they are everywhere...like litter.  And, I suppose, they could be cast away as unimportant, but to me, they are recognized as beautiful.  Miracles and litter have a lot in common.  Both are cast away as unimportant.  Both are everywhere.  Both can be beautiful.

Yes, my life is littered with miracles.  And from this day on, when I sweep up litter left in random carelessness , I will be reminded that this too could be a blessing.  

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