Sunday, September 7, 2014

Got Friends?

I'm a really fortunate person.  Lucky.  Yep, I'm just plain lucky.  Today I was talking with Elizabeth, my employee, about life and the way things are.  I just get stumped sometimes.  I think young people like her, are looking at me for answers, and I look back at my life and know that I really don't have any.  The only one is, that I'm lucky.  I was raised by great parents.  I lived in a healthy environment most of my life, I had great kids, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Deal is, I was, and am, just lucky.

Had my shares of stress and bad decisions.  Had my share of really bad stuff, but it's all been okay.  Even the really bad stuff.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the whole ball of wax.  But, even though I believe, I also know that sometimes you just need to be lucky.  My luck has been in my peeps, as Jen, my amazing daughter-in-law, would say.  My peeps.  The people I love and who love me.  Forever,  I have been lucky with peeps, 

Got friends?  Yep.  I have friends.  Friends to share with, friends to yell at, friends to share space with, have meals with, laugh with and try to solve life problems with. This is God's greatest gift.  Luck/God toss a coin.  I know that the peeps that make me whole have come to me through family and accident.  How was it that I connected with such amazing people?  I will thank God every day of my life for the luck He granted me through the people that I gratefully call friends. 

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