Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is our 21 anniversay.  "For better or worse."  At times I thought this was "worse", but how can it be?  We laugh, tease each other, make fun of our weaknesses in a loving and knowing way, go to the top of our local hiking mountain together (electric wheelchairs can go almost anywhere) and do almost everything that other people do.  We sometimes forget that walking and self maintenence are normal.  And, when we act as though it is no big deal, people around us seem to act the same. 

It is a big deal.  It's a huge deal.  But marriage is an amazing bond that we have been blessed with.  We care for each other so deeply that we both give.  I give sometimes to exhaustion, but what I receive restores me, gives me courage and makes me a stonger better person. 

Happy Anniversary to us.  No fine and fancy dinner and champagne, no exchange of lovely ribbon tied gifts, no steak and lobster.  Just  laughter and knowing.  Sharing and knowing.  Changing and knowing.  The best and worst of things with the best shining bright and making us realize that we have been given the gift of love. 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Jed!!!! 21 years - wowsers!

  2. What a rare love. Was it always like this? Was there always laughter and giving? Or did that happen even deeper as a result of tradgedy? By God's Grace, I am sure the answer must be "Yes".