Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm not impressed by much in life.  But once a pianist and beautiful woman touched my heart.  She was our pastor's wife and she played as though God had touched the tips of her fingers and the essence of her heart.  She told the story of how she learned to play on a paper piano because her family was poor and could not buy a piano for her to practice, so she listened well and practiced on a paper piano hearing the music in her head and heart.  Every time she played I was touched to tears.  She had to leave.  Pastors wives follow their husbands as it should be.  But one day, one Sunday morning before they left she was playing.  Playing beautiful music so that the sanctuary welled with awesome and incredible reality.  Jed and I were in the back.  He said to me, "let's dance down the isle!  Come on, let's dance down the isle."  But I was too proper and too "what would people think" and too too.  So I said. "No."  Not long after the  invite the ladder slipped and the dancing haulted.  Often I fanticize about the liturgical dance we could have had.  We could have danced to the beauty of real Godliness, but I was too too.  Too much wondering, Too much proper.  Too much "don't be silly."  And now.  Now I say to everyone, "dance while you can!"  "Dance to the drum and to the call of beauty.  Dance when dancing seems silly or wrong.  Dance.  Now we can't dance.  Now our dance is on wheels and mechanical.  Now our dance is a struggle.  Get out ther and dance.  You don't have to have a reason or a special tune.  Life is a dance and don't hold back.  Think of the joy that is there for you.  Holding back because you think someone might not approve is just silly.  Legs are ther for a reason.  Use them.  Arms can caress and guide and hold.  Trust them.  Dance and laugh.  My God.  What is life all about it not to dance the dance that is put before you.


  1. You can still dance even if the bones don't move.

  2. Maybe in the moonlight in the back yard with the crickets chirping, I, who seldom dance will dance with an audience of ONE. Who else cares? For him, you will dance too.