Friday, June 18, 2010

Today I ran away

It was a most amazing day.  I ran away today.  I asked Ubaldo to be here at 8:00 and I went junking.  First I went to an estate sale, and then to an artist's home of lovely things, and then to barns, and then to the shop for a privite shopping night which was pre arranged.

I loved my day away.  I was alone and didn't even turn on the radio.  Loved the silence.  Junking is a therapy that can give health to the most ill.  Junking is down right fun. 

I bought a sign and a lady's head and a sombrero and a few other treasures that just needed to be mine and then I drove for miles and miles to see others display their beauties.   Artristy is a magnificint gift and bestowed on only the few.  It is a joy to  see how the gifted use the things of life. 

My day was spent in, "wow" and "gee" and "I could do that" (but I don't and didn't and that's why they are the artists and I am the observer.)

Then I came home.  Jed and I went to the shop for the "after hours shopping event" that was preplanned and so fun. 

It was complicated, but it worked out.  Jed got tired and I rushed him home before tending to the "shopping folks."

They had categories that they were to focus on and make purchases.
Categories were:  Communication, Conflict Resolution, Spirituality, Sexuality, and Finance.  They bought things like:  stop signs, telephones, oil, piggy banks, whips, clocks, treasure boxes  and comic books.  I would like to have been there when they shared with the group why they bought an item and how it represented a certain cetegory.  It was fun for me and fun for them. 

Later tonight, while sitting out on the deck,  I imagined my brothers were here.  Jed sleeps a lot and I imagine.  Tonight I imagined that my three brothers were here and we talked of life.  It brought tears to my eyes imagining that we were all sitting at the table together.  It would be a joy in reality.  They all know the truth of life and their truth is often  in contridiction. 

Tonight, in my imagination, we just enjoyed the presence of one another and protected our own personal truth. 

Jed is sleeping.  He didn't express concern about my "day off", but I think it was hard on him.  I can run away for a day and he can't.  That's the bottom line.  No matter how supportive or in love either one of us is, that's the bottom line.   I can run away and he can't.   What a shitty deal for him. 

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  1. Glad you did it - sadly there are always things we can do that others can't, and vice versa. As hard as it is on him, he wants you to be happy, too. I hope your bros do get there sometime!!!!