Friday, June 25, 2010

Mysterious Ways

When something happens to us that we can't answer in our own terms someone inevitably says, "God works in mysterious ways."  People usually smile, and the more believing usually add something like, "yes, God is so good, or we just have to wait on the Lord." 

That kind of talk has never brought me much comfort.  Why in heavens name would God, all loving and knowing, want to be mysterious?  Like it was a game He/She was playing with us (the lessers) for His/Her entertainment.  Mystery, Magic, Make their life crazy. 

What I like, is breathing in God.  There is no mystery in God.  There is only beauty and love.  The mystery lies in our unwillingness to accept the gift so freely given.  We distrust pure beauty and love so we call it mysterious. 

It's not mysterious that amazing and beautiful people have come into our lives since the accident.  It's not mysterious that ramps are built and food is provided and friends come at just the exact right time or that assurance is given or prayers offered exactly when we need them.  It's not even mysterious that we are sometime left to our own musings to feel pain and loss and sorrow.  Breathing in God takes away the mystery.

I've lost count of the exact days, but I guess tomorrow will be 14 months since a fall from a ladder has changed out lives, dramatically.  Not mysteriously, just dramatically.  But, within days after the fall Jed said, "this was supposed to happen."

I've had trouble with that.  Trouble, but when I've allowed myself to just breathe in God, I see some truth. 

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