Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colorado or Bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're here.

It's been quite an adventure.  Packing, making decisions, watering the precious plants for the last time, repacking, "oh I forgot this," and "oh I forgot that."

But we got off.  We got to Jed's son's house the first day and reveled in the joy of their new life.  Proud as we could be we moved on.  Ubaldo at the helm and Jed the first mate.  Me squeezed between them with Wally on my lap, then Jed's, then mine, yadda, yadda yadda, for miles and miles. 

We trecked on.  And so it was for four days.  Some of it amazing fun, some of it barely tolerable, but we trecked on.  Great grandpa's hall tree in Matt's new home, we trecked on.  Stopped at two casinos on the way.  Paid for gas. 

Colorado would not be special if the kids weren't here.  But, they are and it is.  But here we miss the people.  People who we go to the movies with, people who know us, people who we know.  Here we are strangers in an amazingly beautifulstrange land.  So here we will meet people.

We now have an occupational therapist who we think is brilliant.  We have a physical therapist who we just met today and are confident that  she will do magic.  We are settled in our home and even have a "silver bullet" ( old clunky wheelchair van with hydrolic lift) that we are calling the "silver bullet, family van."   Push comes to shove we can ALL (dogs and all) go on an outing.  By the way, Wally is very happy.  The mountain air has given him back his youth.  And, Sarah, and anyone else who cares, we have a lake that if full of very hungry and big fish. 

So, we're set.  We are now officially bistatal.  So, come visit us, because we even have a guest bedroom.

We miss the ones we love in CA, but are enjoying the ones we love in CO.  Could anyone be more blessed?

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