Sunday, September 12, 2010

God Knows.

We went to church today.  It's basically in our back yard here in Colorado.  Jed drives his wheelchair there.  Today was tough.  First we get there late.  There's always something.  This time, in addition to our normal "almost late,"  we had to move a car out of the driveway as Jed got stuck in the rock landscaping attempting to circumvent the obstruction.  There we were, stuck, spinning wheels in the rocks.  So I go inside, get the keys, move the car, put him on manual, pull with all my strength, and we finally get rolling off to church. 

Knowing we were late, we sat in the back, and were just in time for the sermon, "God Knows."  On and on he talked about how hard life is, how sometimes the tough just happens....and "God Knows."   I was getting into it, tears almost in my eyes when Jed started to pass out.  We had to move fast, get out of the church, get him some water, get his legs raised...The whole time the pastor went on about how God Knows and He cares.

So, there we were, out in the church lobby, me holding his legs up in the air and about 8 men come out.  They look at us and say or do nothing.  They get in their little familiar circle, hold hands, say a prayer because they are about to administer communion and supposedly God doesn't want them to do that unless they go through their ritual.   Ha.  Good thing God knows and cares because those men certainly didn't seem to. 

I thought, "what would I do if I saw the situation Jed and I posed for them?"  And, I pray to the core of my bones that I wouldn't just go through my ritual and ignore people in my midst.   One man offered us communion and asked if he could help.  The others pretended we didn't exist.  It's easier that way with the handicapped.  Turn the other way and pretend you don't see.  I refuse to do that, as hard as it is sometimes.

Recently I was standing in the line at the grocery store and the woman in front of me was terribly deformed.  I started to pretend that she wasn't there and then forced myself to say, "were you in a fire?"  She almost hugged me.  She opened up, told me her whole story, I told her about Jed, she said she would pray for him every day and my heart was lifted.

Even though most of the men in church today didn't seem to "get it,"  the message today rang true. 
"God knows and He cares."  This brings me comfort and we will do yet another day with faith that even though there are those out there who pretend not to see because it is just easier, others see, they see with their hearst and perhaps, just for that moment, they are God. 

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  1. God does know and care and that is why he gave other people workable limbs and sometimes brains that even function properly! "I will pray for you" is a common refrain I have heard throughout my life as a quad. Now I'm not against prayer, but more often than not I need Action. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Therese, a friend of Nancy Mahoney