Thursday, September 2, 2010

Setting Goals

Jed's been sick today.  He caught a cold somewhere and hasn't gotten out of bed all day.  When He's like this the meds sort of take over his mind and who knows what will come out.  Sometimes it's a song, sometimes it's vulgarity, and sometimes it's plans.  Goals.  Today's rather irrational medically and fever induced goal was, "I'm gonna kick somebody's ass."

I told him that I looked forward to that and casually asked who's ass he might be planning to kick.  "I don't really know, but I'm going to kick it."  So everybody watch out.  Jed is planning to do some long awaited kicking.

I've been newly reminded of goal setting because I helped the kids set some for themselves, and we agreed on an award if they achieve their goal.  This was all done, of course, to mold and manipulate if you will , the negative behaviors that all children exhibit, and we teachers (once one always one) try to rid them of forever. 

So, the discussions, the agreements, the charts,  the stars, the anticipation, etc, etc, etc.  While trying to be so diplomatic, Ian said, "Grandma, if you make this too complicated, the award just might not be worth it."  Wow!  Brilliance!

So we made it simple.  Easy to understand and easy to accomplish.   Jed's goal is just that.  It's simple, it is getting closer to be accomplishable. and the reward will truly be worth it.  He can kick my ass if he wants.  

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