Monday, August 15, 2011


When she was born, she was perfect.  I looked at her and couldn't believe that she really happened.  Everything about her was perfect.  The years of her growing tall were vital to my life.  She gave me breath and purpose.  We both loved and hated one another.  We are so much alike.   She was everything I wanted to be, and I was everything she needed.  Mothers and daughters.  What a breath of womanhood.    I'm so sorry that I didn't let my own mom know what a rich and wonderful heritage she gave to me. 

So, now, she's getting married. My daughter, the bride.   I wish and pray and hope for a perfect life for her.  Being a parent is a very hard job.  We want to protect our children from all the pain and hurt we've gone through.  We want them to just "flow" through life happy and content.  We want, we want, we want.  So much of life is a decision.  We can decide to be happy or miserable.   I wish for her happy decisions. 

Moms and daughters have a very important roll.  It's written in stone.  We will support and lift one another in wonderful times and. when life turns black.  we  will cry together.   It will be hard on both of us, but it will be rich. 

But now, I thank God for my daughter.  I thank God for Jason.  Angie has waited a very long time for a life long love.  I pray that their love can withstand the stuff that comes to us.  As the mother, I want to say,"I will protect you from anything that isn't perfect in your life."  But I know that life will happen to her as it has happened to me, so all I can give her is my love. 

Being a mom is the most remakable thing in life.  I'm a mom.  Oh, my God, I am so thankful for the privelege.  She was perfect when she was born and she is perfect in my eyes now.  I wish for her a roller coster life. 

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  1. She's a special daughter and you're a special mon - you two taught me everything about parenthood! My love to you both on such a special day - wish I could be there!