Sunday, August 7, 2011

No matter what you do

Sometimes, no matter what you do it's wrong.  How can that be?  I was raised in a very protective environment (on a farm in the middle of Nebraska.)  I was led to believe that if you worked to do the right thing, the right thing would come about.  But then, maybe that wasn't the lesson I was to learn as a child. 

My parents were amazing people.  They worked hard, were self sustaining, and raised the four of us with unseeming ease.  They gave us a heritage that has power.  It's connected to dirt and sweat and honesty.  It's connected to sky watching and tractor fixing and church going.  Mom used to say, "the week just goes better when we go to church." 

But I remember times when no matter what they did, it just didn't go right.  Once dad extended himself beyond his imagination and bought a prize bull.  The bull had a strong will.  Dad needed it in the south pasture and the bull just wouldn't go.  So, dad harnessed the prize bull and wits to hoofs they battled the quarter mile slowly and determidly.  Dad won.  But, once in the pasture of cows galore, that darn bull heaved and died. 

Now that was a big one.  Prize bull.  More money than dad had ever spent on a bull.  I think it almost killed my dad, but instead we had amazing steaks for a very long time.   Sometimes, no matter what you do it's just wrong. 

I suppose the reason I just keep going is that I know these prize bull experiences are few and far between and it really is true that if you just keep on going on, trying to do the best you can, things will work out. 

Life isn't easy for us.  Sometimes we pick at each other because, why not, who else can be blame for an imperfect life?   I'm thankful for the heritage that I was provided.  Sometimes, the hail would ruin the crop, sometimes the rain wouldn't come.  But we always managed.  If the bull died, we ate it and moved on. 

Tonight has been a no rain, hail, bull dying night.  But, we will move on.  Because, no matter what you do, sometimes, it's just wrong.  But there's always tomorrow and some wonderful steaks to be had.  

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