Sunday, December 29, 2013

Three Things

When they we little they asked for stories.  Sometimes stories wouldn't come naturally and needed prodding.  "Three Things"  was born.  "Give me three things."  I would say.  And then I would promise to make up a story with their three  requested things.  Talking trees and piranhas were the frequent requests.  The stories were fun and easy to forget, but the time together with minds imagining and words flowing will be remembered forever.  My memory of "Three Things" is rich with blankets and cuddling, mommy kisses, giggles and night time comfort. 

Three Things was our way to say "sleep tight, and let your minds dream dreams of wonder."  Three Things was comfort and security.  Three Things grew.  It grew to car trips and grandchildren and camping trips and new families.  Story making is the power to create magic.  When you can create a story you have set the universe on a new path. 

Three Things began some 35 years ago. It seemed so simple, but Three Things taken  to an adult level is not simple. 

Pick three things that you want your story to be about.  Love? Prosperity? Happiness? How about Grief, disappointment and pain?  or Children, Music and Hope? 

If your life story were narrowed to three things and you had the power to choose....Wow!  What would you choose?  Certainly not talking trees and piranhas. 

I live daily with the stories of others in my antique store where I spend much of my time.  Lives are narrowed down to the stuff that's left, and the stories are lovely to imagine.  It's really a very short time, life.  We do stuff, we gather stuff, we love people and things and the stuff stays.  I consider it a privilege to touch the stuff that was once someone's story. 

But, I've been prompted lately to think about Three Things and have tried to wonder what they would by in my story.  I think they would be:  Grandchildren, Hope and Faith.  Life without any one of them would be cavernous. 

It's a nice reflection.  Narrowing the value of life experiences to three most important. 

Three Things for Rowan has begun.  I'm writing stories for him with three things that are given to me by friends and family.  I'm looking forward to growing with this experience.  Let the journey begin. 

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