Thursday, July 15, 2010


We have rats.  This house has to be rat heaven.  Really, Rat Heaven.  The secret of this house is the space between the floors.  This house was built in the late 1800's and had very high ceilings as was the practice at that time.  Lots of people have made this house their home since then and some of them have remodled. 

We now have lower ceilings with a nice rat run between the floors.  I'm declaring war.  For 20 years we have put out poisen and said things like, "Oh, my God, the rats are back."  But we've never declared war.  I don't know how they are getting in, but it stops.  Here and now.  I hired a company to clean out the attic.  Can you imagine having that job?  They cleaned and  they cleaned and they vacuumed and the vacuumed.  Large hoses ran out of our house and I could hear the remanants of rat living move though the vessel occupying my entire house.  Awful as it was to face up to rat infestation, I feel clean.  I have won.  Rats be gone, if only for a while.  I have an exterminator coming to get the holdouts. 

Jed is doing good.  Progress is continuous, but it doesn't always build on itself.  He'll walk up a storm and move mountains one day and for the next several be prone and sleeping with little obvious function. 

His progress is like the rat war.  We fight hard.  We think we win.  We hire professionals and take their advise.  But sometimes it just can't be controlled.  Other times we get determined.  And, like the Karate Kid, nothing can defeat you. 

Nothing will defeat Jed.  He is a story to be told.  People talk about stuff that's hard, but this, this is hard.  He has no arms or legs that want to work for him.  But, he is declaring war on them.  He will win.  We will have no rats in the house and he will walk. 


  1. AMEN! I have faith that what you say is the absolute TRUTH!