Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Goes On, And On, And On....

So here we are, a week from the auction of our home, and what are we doing?  Planning a wedding, looking forward to the (two years in the waiting) delivery of a wheelchair, setting up a "gym" in the sunroom for walking, meeting folks to buy their stuff for the shop and ignoring what lies ahead.  I don't know if it's faith, or hope, or mystery, or belief in the system or simple exhaustion, but we just keep on keeping on and don't really look at the dark side.  We've hired a lawyer, he says he's filed a suit to stop the auction, but, we don't know what lies ahead. 

But today I went to a woman's home who, two years ago, was a blithering mess of pain and nerves and anger.  Today she was confident, beautiful and looking forward to a beautiful new future.  Life goes on and on, and on.  

When Jed and I first started our lives together we spoke of mountain tops and deserts and valleys (all symbolic of life experiences.)  We agreed that we wanted life on a roller coaster not a merry-go-round.  Safe as it is, a merry-go-round is just boring.  So we lived life on the edge.  And we had fun.  Lots and lots of fun.  We took the quick turns and the slow climbs as part of the exciting ride.  When Jed fell, we were at the top of the ride.  We had climbed and climbed and climbed, almost to a stop, but we were there, right at the top, where the ride was to be glorious, and then he fell.  The ride has been trecherous.  Sometimes I think of the merry-go-round with envy.  Safe seems rather nice now, given our pending future.  But, we're not merry-go-round people, so we will prepare ourselves for whatever ride is ahead and in the meantime get on with life. 

My daughter is getting married next month.  My heart is full for them.  She has chosen well.  They will have to decide how they will live their lives, merry-go-round or roller coaster....who's to say? My prayer for them is that whatever the choose, the choose together.  Life will go on and on and on. 

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