Monday, June 30, 2014

We Had A Party

We had a deck party.  It was grand.  It was Ubaldo's 55th birthday and a fine excuse to celebrate the deck and life.  It was wine and cheese and music and magic.  Friends came bearing plant gifts and wine and cheese with messages to Ubaldo.  Pat and Julie were there to meet and greet and help at every step. 
"Have you lost your mind?" was Ubaldo's first comment when he realized I had hired a band for the event.  And, to tell you the truth, I wasn't sure that I hadn't, but as the evening went on it became clear that it was all perfect.  Everybody danced.  The children, and all of us silly ones.  We even had a Congo line, the young and the was just perfect. 

Jed was watching, I know.  Ubaldo dreamed that he was dancing on the deck.  It's just too short, life.  Opportunities to dance don't come often enough.  I'm so glad we did.  I'm so glad we all did, the newly divorced, the newly widowed, the babies, the cautious, the anniversary celebrants, the special ones, the newly in love, and the lovely.  We all danced and let life seep into our bones and bring us joy. 

I can remember when Jed and I were just beginning to form the idea of the deck.  He was excited about the job.  I was excited about the final product. We talked about the size and the purpose.  We wanted to extend our living into the beauty that was outside our back door.  So many memories of pouring concrete and placing boards.  My dad even helped in the final product and Jed would tell how he just had to finish the railings because my dad shamed him into finishing the job. 

We had many gathering on the deck, but none so grand as this one.  For me, it was such a tribute to Jed, honoring his best friend with such a fine party on his amazing deck.  It was just all perfect.  And, right at sunset, Jed flew by.  Slow and careful and proud.  Our wonderful hawk, who I have named Jed, was watching it all with great approval.  Happy birthday, Ubaldo, and Jed, thank you for not only building the deck, but building us, strong and confident and able to go on without you.   

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