Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Didn't Leave Me Much

I was studying the final account of my inheritance from Jed, and looked with sadness and concern at the low numbers.  I was alone, thank goodness, but I heard myself say, "you didn't leave me much, sweetheart."  I was very sincere and a little forlorn thinking of all the financial responsibilities that lie ahead.  But then I was instantly shocked into, "what are you talking about, he left you everything!" 

Everything.  He left me, me.  For 25 years he built me up.  He gave me the gift of myself and the knowledge that I have the capacity to accomplish whatever I set out to do.  What an amazing gift.  The legacy I have from Jed is not financial, it is empowerment.  It is forever and cannot be taken away. 

He left me with a home that I can now afford, a business that seems to run despite my inadequacies, a wonderful family including beautiful great grandchildren, a great friend in Ubaldo, and a sense of faith and peace that only he could have given me. 

Ours was a marriage.  Ours was laughter and ideas, battles and resolutions, explorations and adventure.  Ours was full.  Completely full with no room for doubt. 

The fact that he left me, is a hole deeper than I am, but the fact that he left me strong, and empowered, and complete is way more than much.  It is me.  I so value what we had, and know that what we had is now within me, looking for a new road to travel.  Thank you, Jed, for all that you left me.  I will cherish it forever. 


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