Friday, January 22, 2010

Pearls from heaven.  We've been blessed with many of them.  I casually say, "That just dropped out of heaven."  Not wanting to put too great an emphasis on the religious bent.  But these have not been coincedences.  Jed and I have tried to live a good and fruitful life.  Like most people we know.  We have been kind, generous, honest and made good solid efforts to live lives worth living.  Ones that we could be proud to say, "that was mine."  And then this.  Some have said God is punishing.  Some have said that we are to learn something from this and God designed it that way.  Some have said we are to teach others something and God designed it that way.  I don't think God had anything to do with Jed's fall.  Other than the fact that it was God who created gravity.  But what I am in awe about is the blessings that have been bestowed on us since the accident.  I choose to believe they are from God.

We have been washed in blessings.  They're almost too many to list.  We're had a friend that came by every day just to massage Jed's hands.  Then they would sit,  watch TV and both fall asleep.  Things and people have literally "dropped out of heaven" for us and we watch in awe and thanksgiving.   The gardner brings casseroles and gets tutored in math, the housekeeper quietly washed both of our cars, and the caregiver, oh my the caregiver.  I practically picked him off the street.  He had been a customer who I slightly knew, but I hired him, bam.  No recommendation, to referral, he could have been YIKES!  But, wow, have we been blessed by his presence in our lives.  He has become a very valuable friend. 

Laughter comes easy.  Sometime Jed and he start laughing during a transfer or a bed change, or any number of menial care giving tasks and they are both laughing so hard that the task just doesn't get done.  Then I start laughing of fake scolding them and often we end up singing some dumb song while I play the piano and they pretend to be someone talented.  It's just that way, and it's nice.  The moment is everything.  We have may good ones. 

Laughter comes easy between the two of us.  One day Jed said, "don't make fun of me."  I wasn't about to be put in that box so I said, "if I can't make fun of you what good are you?"  Now that's our silliness we banter back and forth in public to make other people relax.  You can't imagine how hard we have to work to make other people comfortable around us.  So, one day, while at a friend's house for an outdoor picnic as the table next door just stared at us while I had to not only feed him but adjust him in his chair to avoid low blood pressure etc., I looked at the staring table and bright eyed said, "I told him that if I can't make fun of him what good is he."  They continued to stare.  No expression, just stare.  Blew that one.  I'm waiting to be reported to the quadriplgic abuse society. 

Today I did something for me that I am proud of.  I auditioned to sing the National Anthem for the Dogers.  I have no idea where this will take me, but I was proud that I took the time to do something I have always dreamed of doing...a bucket list kind of thing.  If I've learned anything from this almost year, its to grab the goodies of life while you can.  Don't hold back, just grab them. 

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  1. Wishing to find the fun and laughs in the humdrumb normal life...what a blessing laughter can be and what a miracle that you can find it! Hope that that goodie is within your grasp some day. Good that you reach for them. Maybe I should too.