Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is nine months.  We give birth to our new life.  Last night we lay talking for hours into the morning about hope.  Hope is like oxygen.  Without it we will die.  I had begun to lose hope had begun to settle for what we had.  We talked and helped each other understand that it is hope that keeps us alive.  Hope for a better day.  Hope that our love can bear the burden of this new life, hope that we will not become bitter, hope that Jed will walk.  My hope has changed somewhat from where it once was, but it is not gone.  Hope gives us breath.  The gestation period is over.  We've adjusted to differentness.  It's not so bad really.  We still laugh and go to movies.  We still give each other the strength to face another day with a determination and a smile.  What more could we ask?

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  1. You are amazing partners. Oh to just lie there and talk about hope with a partner for hours. Does ANYONE take the time for that these days? I see a lot of good in your "differentness".
    May your hope shine eternal. You will run and finish the race and gain the prize.