Saturday, January 16, 2010

When I first started this blog I had some elevated idea that not only did we have a unique experience to share but that I had a fine and elequent way of writing about our experince so that  people would find our journey intersting and literary.  Now I think that that was , well, all I can think of is cuss words.  We've been watching the Haiti earthquake reality and what we've come up with is, "so who are we to pine our problems?"  So I have a husband who cannot move his limbs.  I still have a husband.  We still talk over the day.  We still dream dreams for our grandchildren and have great aspirations for a future that we cannot know but have faith that exists.  The smallness of our exiseince and the minuteness of our problems overwhelm me. 

Our existence takes a lot of energy.  Exercising is primal.  Just lift your leg.  Really, just lift your leg.  Lift it and think about the energy you used.  For Jed it is phenomenal.  It is incredible.  Sitting in the chair and lifting his legs in a "march" is absolutly taxing.  Marching 25 times exhausts him and moves him toward bed.  But yet he drives himself....25 marches, 25 aductions, 25 abductions, "let's practice standing....."   Can you imaginne a life where you can't feed yourself, can't stand, can't deal with privite care, can't, can't ,can't???????  His stamina amazes me.  Almost 9 months.  He walked a long distance with Emily.  Walking with Emily and walking  alone are light years away.  So we exercise at home.  Oh, how I wish I had held the ladder. 

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  1. We cannot help but wish we could prevent suffering. Suffering stinks. STINKS S T I N K S! It just doesn't seem fair but then we look up and around and find out that the same is everywhere, we are not alone. We have company. Am I really so insignificant that I am nameless among all these others? No. "He knows our names and catches every tear in a bottle." How many hairs are on my head today Lord? They are falling out like crazy from all the still know?