Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have you ever tried to floss another person's teeth?  I have other indigant personal questions I could ask, but the real question is, do you know what it takes to keep another person involved in life? I'm in love with my husband and have been for a very long time.  I love him because he give me me.  It's a very precious gift.  We don't really know ourselves and when we meet someone who reads us, knows us before we know ourselves.....My God!   Make them your life partner!   So that's what we did, some 21 years ago, but just now we are getting to know each other. 

I'm a God person so one would think that maybe I would jump to "God wanted this to happed and it's in His plan."  Well, for all you other God people, I didn't go there and hope to never.  Jed just fell off a ladder.  God made gravity and unfortunately gravity won.  I don't believe for a minute that God made Jed fall or designed it that way.  I do believe that He, God, has been there all the way to give people to make the fall journey more bearable. 

From the beginning.  Almost a year ago.  People.  From soup to ham to ramps to transport cars to electricians, to care givers.  People of God have been there for us.  

I have a great deal of anxiety about finances and future and life the way it is, but, I really don't know why, because God has been there through it all.  When we have had a need it has been so amazingly soothed.  God has given us people. 

Jed is an amazing man.  He brings people to him and allows them to be light with him.  He continues that with no arms and legs.  Today we had an appointment with our spinal cord doctor and while we waited in the loby Jed worked the audience.  The audience was two young men who were victims of motorcycle accidents.  They were in their 20s.   Before we left there was a brotherhood expression, laughter, "yeah, man", keep it up.....Jed worked the room and brought a little bit of joy to the young men.  Spinal cord injuries stick together. 

But flossing teeth, well it's just something we do for ourselves.  We don't do it as an expression of love, like kissing and hugging.  But in my world we do that and more. 

He thinks I do this for him.  The truth is I do it for me.  I'm a better person now. 

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  1. Would I go through what you are going through because I would like to be a better person? Not by choice. But if I chose, what a richer person I would be. Sherry and Jed, what treasure you own, though it is not of this world that you are passing through. Just to have a bit of it... perhaps I'll find the strength and courage to choose.

    Reading through your posts brings deep thoughts, tears, awe, gratefulness. Thank you for sharing here.