Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here and my attitude is catching on.  Breathe in freshness.  I don't feel it but want to.  It is still just the same.  But today we tried something new with acupuncture.  We plugged me in to Jed.  Literally.  Needles in my legs, needles in his, cross with the right and left brain thing and hook up with electricity so we throb with anticipation of sharing energy.  Like an organ donar without the mess. 

Years ago my daughter advised me that I need to receive as much energy as I give.  This was related to my drained self at the end of a teaching day.  She recommended that I pay attention to energy going out and energy coming in because we need to be in balance.  Today I was more than happy to be an output for energy for Jed. 

It all seems like hocus pocus but it is all so steamed in the existance of life that I am not willing to dismiss the potential benefit.  So we sit with out legs connected and a generator moving our energy and wondering.  He wants his legs to be stonger.  Oh, how be both do.  Some think that if we just prayed hard enough and believe strong enough that we would be healed. 

God is with us.  God is in every thought and idea for cure that we have.  God is bigger than what we have.  God is bigger than quadripegia.  God is bigger than financal demise.  God is bigger than lonliness.  God is bigger than unknowing.  God is God and we either chose to believe that He is Him or we reject Him.  God is.  All this that we are experiencing is nothing.  (It's something to us, but it's nothing.)  Imagine everything you know on one page. And now imagine everything God knows.  It's millions and millions of libraries.  What we know and what we experience is nothing. 

So.  So we did not fall from grace.  My attitude, Jed's helplessness, my attitude, Jed's total lack of who he was, my attitude, Jed's inability.....all these are nothing.  One day we will see through the mirror fully and know.  Oh how I would like to be pissed off about this whole deal, but it just doesn't seem to have any substance.  God is  God and we wil one day know. 

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