Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm exhausted this morning.  I spent all last night moving furniture in a huge two story house and fighting with my brothers about where to put things.  It was a dream, of course,  but I woke with sore muscles and  little energy after lifting and fighting all night.    You see, in the dream, we are all going to live together, my brothers, their kids, my parents, and a few other old people.  My plan was to put the old people down stairs and all the young ones upstairs.  My mother thought this was a great plan and I was trying to please her as well as appease everyone else.  In real time my mother has been dead for 30 years.  But she was very real last night. 

I carried mattresses and headboards from one room to another, then someone would come and express dissatisfaction, so we would discuss and move again. 

This is all related to my real life.  We have a two story house and I have been moving out of the upstairs for months, making a bedroom our of a living room and then out of an office.  The upstairs is nearly empty now but things don't have homes yet and are floating a bit about various parts of the house. All this requires tossing and decisions.  None of which are overbearing, just time consuming and energy eating. 

Now, we are planning to go to Colorado for a few months and I have stuff anxiety.  What stuff to take, what stuff to leave, what stuff to have both places.  Stuff sure gets in the way of a  good time (and a good night's sleep.)  Perhaps I have too much of it.  I do believe that is the lesson of  an exhausting sleep.  It's just stuff. 

Ubaldo has paved the way for us in Colorado.  He has found a place for Jed to continue therapy and a new doctor who specializes in spinal cord injuries.  Now we just need to figure out transportation and be on our way.  In the meantime I will deal with stuff.  Colorado will probably be another month. 

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  1. Good old Ubaldo - what a treasure he has been. It was shock to read that your mom has been dead for 30 years - it just doesn't seem like it could possibly be that long. I love the image of you and Jed taking a shower with a humming bird. Take care, my friend.