Saturday, May 29, 2010


People come and go in our lives every day.  As a shop owner I have the random folks walk in every day and most stay just that, random and unimportant.  But Ubaldo is an exception.  Ubaldo was a customer.  He bought nice things, like siver punch bowls and giant poinsettas.  He was friendly.  We were friendly. 

But Ubaldo has become such an important part of our lives that the tapestry is so beautifuly woven, who would dare take out the thread?   Our relationship began as customer/shop owner.  I knew he was a care giver from talking with him as he made purchases.  He seemed nice enough.  Then one day he bought something big and Jed delivered it.  They both told me at seperate time how much they enjoyed the other person.  "What a nice guy he was....."   So, when I was desparate and in disbeleif that rehab would actually send Jed home in his state of inability, it's no wonder that I, seeing him and his mother enter the shop, would say, "Ubaldo, are you still doing caregiving?"  When he responded, "Yes, I'm looking for a job, " I said, "You're hired."  Later I learned his mother thought it quite strange that I didn't require recommendations.  One of my good friends from the shop said, "What better recommendation can you get?  God put him there and just the time you needed him."

Now.   Now he is woven in.  He is family.  He is friend.  He is lifter of spirits and carrier of pain.  Ubaldo is our great friend.  When he and Jed are working together (stretching, standing, exercising) they are so joyful to watch.  They love each other.  (Neither of them would admit it, because, oh my God, what would that mean?), but they just love each other, easy and mean.  They cuss like sailors and laugh like little boys.  Sometimes they are laughing so hard that neither can  move beyond the  moment.  More cussing, tears of laughter, and more cussing. 

Now if you were a quadriplegic what would you prefer?  A caregiver who took care of you, or one who got under your skin and called you a "jack ass" when you were one? 

This man is a tribute to humanity.  He has taken to caring and loving our kids and grandkids, filling our home with beauty and wonderful food, and battling all the medical insurance and legal concerns that come our way. 

Ubaldo dropped out of heaven just for us.  We hope and pray that we dropped out for him too. 

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  1. Miracles DO still happen. PRAISE GOD!