Monday, May 24, 2010

We now have a shower that Jed can get in to.  It has been a year since he had a nice shower.  This old house didn't have bathrooms when it was built so the only one downstairs was built in a hallway, much too small for a wheelchair for fit into.

Talking with a customer one day at the shop I was given a recommendation for a carpenter that could help build a ramp to the outside so that Jed could enjoy our back yard. Once again, these guys dropped out of heaven.  In a weekend they put a door where there was once a bay window and buildt a ramp out the door and another to the lover level of the ramp. Our whole house opened up.  No longer trapped in a small little room with a TV and a commode. 

I asked for a bid on making the shower accessible.  Through the roof!!!   "But why not build one on the deck?" they asked.  Why not?  They used the old barnwood we'd been trying to sell, and lots of old doors and windows from the shop.  Wah lah!  A greenhouse/shower.  It's wonderful.  They installed a small water heater under the deck and now I have tomatoes and watermelon growing where Jed showers.  I even sneak out and take a "shower with a garden view" spa experience when I'm sure the racoons are occupied elsewhere.  Water heater: $200, labor: acceptable and appreciated, shower with a view:  priceless. 


  1. Next time I'm there, I want to see the lover level!!!! You guys.....You know what Freud said!

  2. Ahhh! Sounds refreshing for body and spirit!