Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today we showered with a hummingbird.  Certain amount of trauma getting to the shower and making everything work and then there it was, the whirring sound of something alive.  I looked, and both of us, hummingbird and me, were a bit startled.  We were showering together.  Jed showering, me washing and the hummingbird trying to decide whether we were friend or foe. 

It was a moment of solitude.  We watch the news a lot. Usually they don't report about good things.  Or simple things that make us feel alive.  Showering with a hummingbird is simple and very much a poke toward being alive and in tune. 

Jed is now going to occupational therapy.  Basically, that's working with the arms.  We've been so focused on physical therapy (legs) that the arms have been ignored.  Learning the system is important while being a quadriplegic.

The system is, if a doctor recommends a certain thing it will be accepted by medicare and provided.  The key is getting the doctor, who doesn't really have a clue what's going on because he has his own life, to write a script for therapy.  That's the key word, "script."  I know a lot about how to deal with the "system" now, but it is really ridiculous.  Many times, when we've needed something, we've just made "demands" and the office manager or resident nurse has responded.  I'm sure if you asked the doctor, he wouldn't have a clue about what he has authorized. 

But, regardless of who authorized it, we are getting it and "it" is good.  Therapy is a good thing.  Perhaps it's best because it provides a structure for doing and improving.  They really don't do anything we couldn't do at home, they just provide a  structure and a destination and a promise.   Therapy is a good thing.  Doctors should just give a blanket okay to this type of thing.  They do adore the power, however. 

But, in the meantime, we have the opportunity, to every now and then live life very beautifully.  Today was one of those days.  We showered with a hummingbird and neither of us (hummingbird or human) felt as though the other shouldn't be there. 

My husband is amazing.   Most anyone in his situation after this long of time would be bitter and mean and self serving.  He is none of those.  Jed, is kind and generous and appreciative.  He is loving and very much loved. 

We recognize the hummingbird as a message from God.  We receive it as, "keep is up, I am proud of you." So, we are keeping it up and knowing that what is ahead of  us will be rich and joyful.  

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